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Sleep just seems to avoid me during this hours. Kaya ngayon feel ko nanaman mag-isip ng kung anu-anong bagay. Lalo na ang mga bagong pangyayari ngayon sa buhay ko. Sa sobrang bilis ng mga pangyayari, hindi ko alam kung nanaginip lang ba ako o totoo ang mga ito.

Nakakatuwa lang isipin na ang lalaking iniiyakan mo noon, nasa iyo na ngayon. Na sa dinami-rami ng stopovers ninyo pareho, sa isa't-isa din pala ang bagsak niyo. Noong nakaraang taon nga, halos di kayo nagpapansinan. May iba siyang kasintahan at ikaw nama'y may kinababaliwang iba. At sa pagpasok ng school year 2012-2013, doon pala ulit kayo magkakasama,  Na sa loob lamang ng ilang linggo ay bumalik ang nararamdaman niyo noon sa isa't-isa. Yung akala mo ay wala na, yun pala ay natabunan lamang ngunit kailanman ay hindi nawala.

Pee bee bee teens nga ba? Sa tingin ko hindi. Para sa akin ay hindi. Dahil kilala ko ang sarili ko. Alam ko kung kailan ako nagkakagusto at nagmamahal ng isang tao, lalo na ang pagkakaiba ng mga ito.  Naniniwala ako na kung ano man ang meron sa amin ngayon ay hindi pee bee bee teens. Gusto ko siya. At sa edad na labinglima, alam kong totoo ang nararamdaman ko. Kaya ko itong panindigan.

Sa unang pagkakataon sa blog na ito ay nagpakaseryoso ako. Saksi kayo sa pagigigng "childish" at "immature" ko ngunit sa pagkakataon na ito, gusto kong patunayan sa inyo na nagmature na ako. Lalo na ngayon at graduating na ko.

Gusto ko siya. Gustong-gusto ko siya. Yun na yun. :)

Guys I like; Awkward
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I was reading this website Whutt? I was searching for bedtime love stories. :3 ~ When I stumbled upon this text.
Some girls can’t stand to be around the guy they like. They get really nervous, and rather than make fools of themselves, they just stay away. I was the opposite; the more I liked a guy, the more I wanted to be around him. I was the type who’d join the same org, or pick the same elective. Sure I was probably looking like a fool five times a day over a bunch of things, but I liked being close to someone I admired.The act of doing something about the feelings, no matter how futile the exercise, was still way better than sitting around just hoping they’d notice the girl who never said anything.
Seriously, that was a real blow. You see, I'm that type of girl who can't stand to be around the guy I like. It's like the more I'm attracted to him, the more I become awkward (though It's different with guys I dislike). I do, I do, I do want to be the opposite! Tips, anyone? Moggle, help me. :<

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Goodnews, blog. You are the very first website to witness my short hair! Yey. 
Uh-huh, I have been hiding my dora-ish hair from me classmates and peers. Still, you're an exemption! *throws confetti*

Pardon me for not combing. ;)

Surreal beginnings
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I find myself living in a world where everything feels surreal. It's like standing on a deserted island after a raging storm. Hmmm...

Yes, I'm am typing here whatever words and sentences that pops randomly unto my small mind (though there are certain alterations with typos and grammatical errors, other than that, everything typed within this post directly came from my brain). I'm not bragging, ok? I'm just saying that I'm being completely honest here. No lies, no pretentions and certainly, I'm not trying to impress readers with this post.

I do believe I'm a cheerful person. Optimistic, even. I don't usually give up but in these past few months... I find myself lost, forgotten and occasionally, depressed. Friends who I thought were genuine and sincere, turns out to be frauds. People who just wants to be near you so that they can bring you down. Sure, most of us have met these kind of persons. Maybe that's why trust can be pretty hard to gain. Ever met someone who can forgive and forget easily? TA-DA, Meet me. Do I consider it as a blessing or a curse? (C'mon guys, use your imaginations. Just think of situation which depicts the pros and cons of this attitude) It depends on the situation, I suppose. Though in my current state of mind, it's a curse.

Why the hell am I typing this? Beats me. Maybe because typing it down helps ease the pain a little or a form of escape, an alternate world where I bravely say my opinions and contradict others if i find it absurd (something I do not do in the real life, unfortunately). I am not a victim of physical bullying, if that's what you're thinking. Thank god, bullying is not popular at my school. The occasional cool crowd is there, of course. They just think they are too cool to stoop down to that endless topic of seemingly childish torture kids have to endure for generations. You may have noticed that the word 'physical' was typed in bold. Yes dear, I do have a reason for that.

If someone were to ask me what bullying is more dangerous, physical or mental? I would say, mental. Why? Physical marks on a persons body can be healed by both medication and time while damages made to a person's dignity requires more than that. We may not be aware that a daily greeting of 'swear' words (f***, a**hole, b*tch, etc) to a friend may have left a tiny (as I said, when it is made regularly, that tiny spot would gradually grow) damage on that person's feelings. Doesn't he/she have any respect on me at all? or Can't you see there are so many people around and they must think I'm a wimp for being called like this? These questions might be going on inside that person's head. Sure, you can reasoned out that you two are close friends but still, you should know your limitations. Did you know that his dog died the day before? Did you know that she was scolded yet again before going to school? The point is, you are not aware of what problems they may be experiencing and instead of comforting him/her (like a REAL friend would do), you just added a whole set of new problems. Unfortunately for me, I have experienced this.

Ever have that kind of friend who sees you as an opponent rather than a friend? Yes? No? Perhaps? These type of friends (or if you still consider that person as a friend) are difficult to understand. You seem to notice that in every embarassing scene you have, he/she is present and have some sort of connectivity why those sh*ts happened to you. Pft. It pains me to remember those times of humiliations. I mean, why would he/she waste time on you? She's richer, prettier and cooler. What do you have against her? Seriously it's like going in a battle with only a knife against tanks and bombs. To this day, I still consider it as a mystery. In a lame attempt to add humor in this situation, I would imagine I have secret powers. *wink*

Kidding aside, I know the world has far too much concern to listen to 15-year-old girl ranting about her miserable life. But hey, I need an escape. badly. Don't worry, I think I'm too 'forgiving' (ugh) to be thinking of this much longer.
Hmm. Whatalongpost. o.o HAHAHA. I'm probably back to my ol' cheery self again on my next post. Hurraaaaaay! :D

P.S. Starting today, I do not care If this blog has visitors or not. Weird as it may seem but I am not gonna advertise this blog to my fellow colleagues or bloggers. I have my own reasons.
Strangers -  feel free to come in or out of this domain. Again, this not an advertisement. Just a welcoming message. :))

Neil Coleta's replied to me on twitter.
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Nikos (Nestea Commercial) actually replied to me on twitter.
I was finished eating dinner when I sat down in front of the computer, expecting nothing and then there *gasp* is his reply! To think I’ve just tweeted him this morning.
Seriously, I can die now. XD.

ahh. I solemnly swear that I will support this guy’s career no matter what. :)

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Harry Potter Survey
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Blimey!(A Harry Potter survey)

What’s your house?
Gryffindor! Where dwells the brave at heart *salute*.

What animal would you bring to Hogwarts?
Owl. I want an owl like Pigwidgeon (Ron's owl given by Sirius). He's very cute.

What is your blood status?

What is your wand type?
11 inches. Willow. Unicorn hair core.

What is your Patronus?

What does Amortentia smell like to you?
Pages of a new book, the ocean and lime.

What does a Boggart look like to you?
A loved one dead or in pain.

What is your favorite class?
Charms or Transfiguration.

Who is your favorite professor?
Professor Flitwick.

What is your favorite magical creature?
Pygmy Puff like Arnold (Ginny's pet).

What is your favorite magical food/beverage?
Butterbeer and sugar quills.

What is your favorite magical object?
A time turner.

What is your preferred method of magical transportation?
Apparation or broomstick.

Which Quidditch team do you support?
The Holyhead Harpies.

What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
Me being successful in every way.

What is your opinion on using the Dementor’s Kiss as punishment?
Let’s just say I’d prefer to die via the Avada Kedavra curse…those things are creepy!!

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?
Invisibility Cloak

What is your favorite spell?
Wingardium Leviosa.

What is your favorite potion?
Polyjuice or Felix Felicis.

Dumbledore’s Army or the Inquisitorial Squad?
Why, DA of course.

What job would you like to pursue after school?
A Ministry Of Magic's High Ranking Official or be a teacher at Hogwarts.

What would you do with the Philosopher’s Stone if given the chance?
Hide it and live my life.

If you were an Animagus, what would you be?
A Fox probably or a Dodo bird.

Would you ever put your name in the Goblet of Fire?
Nah, I don’t think risking my life is something I’m into thanks…I’m happy to watch :)

What is the first thing you buy when you walk into Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes?
A Pygmy Puff!

What is the first thing you buy when you walk into Honeydukes?
All of the sweets. I just hope I have enough galleons.

How do you feel about Muggles?
*shrugs* I don't know. I'm Muggle-born.

How do you feel about House Elves?
Free the House Elves!

Would you prefer to transfer to Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?
Nope. I don't speak French and Russian so I'm happy with Hogwarts.

Would you ever use a love potion on someone?
Maybe just to see how they would act, but I would make them think that they loved someone that wasn’t me. Haha.

What is the first spell you think of if you need to defend yourself?
“AVADA KEDAVRA!” *kills someone*”Whoops, I meant to say Stupefy!!! Crap! F*ck! Sh*t! I am going to Azkaban."

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Tumblr Account
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Guys, follow my new tumblr account --> Click Me!

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